Cats - part 2

by Norman Eddleston

I have discovered a cat family tree on the inside cover of [.. my Antarctic] diary which may prove of use to somebody.

  Kosmo (m)  =  Kista (f)                       - Both put down Jan, 1969
(from Stanley)    (from Kista Dan)

  had kittens Zebedee (f) and Dougal (f)    - Both died Relief Feb, 1970

Zebedee (f)  =  Kosmo (m)

  had Dillon, born 13th March 1969. Dillon died July, 1973

  Also Puff arrived Feb 1971 and she died 29th August, 1971.

  I am not sure how this fits in with what Roger Tiffin writes about Zebedee and Dougal in his piece on cats. Perhaps it is simply that Dougal was a male. On the other hand, if Kosmo was still alive in into Jan, 1969, and a cat's gestation period is between 63 and 67 days (according to a quick Google) then Zebedee and Kosmo may indeed have been very good friends.
[30 October 2006]

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20 February 2007

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