by Roger Tiffin (Tiff)

In 1969 there were 2 cats called Dougal and Zebedee living in and above the Met Office, named after characters in the Magic Roundabout. Zebedee was a grey fairly short haired cat, and Dougal a tabby. These were both supposedly of the same sex (I can't remember which!). It was a major surprise when one of them (Zebedee) grew a stomach - and Dillon eventually appeared. The cats were fed mainly on tinned salmon , and one of them became quite ill until Doc Crippen suggested the diet was not balanced and it was suffering from a feline form of rickets. A changed diet sorted it. Dillon's main claim to fame was to be released at the end of the corridor at the sound of the salmon tin being rattled and the shout of "scradge" from within the met office - when he would hurtle along the corridor and take a flying leap through the cat flap in the met office door and do a major skid to a halt (often spinning sideways) by the food bowl.
[21 August 2006]
Dougal and Zebedee
Photo by Roger Tiffin
Dougal and Zebedee
Photo by Roger Tiffin
Dillon as a kitten

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