Halley Bay - 1963


Notable events/features of the year


+BowraG.T.(Gordon 'Doc')Doctor
BrindN.('Neddy')Radar Technician
EtchellsW.A.(Alan 'Dad')Tractor mechanic
+JehanD.R.(Dudley 'Cuddles')Tractor mechanic
MallinsonG.D.(Gordon)Radio Operator
+O'GormanH.M.(Hugh)Radio Operator
PetrieD.L.(David 'DavemacP')Ionosphericist
+SamuelM.M.(Milne 'Sam')Surveyor
WestwoodJ.V.B.(James 'Jim')Geophysicist
+WintertonM.J.(Martin 'Mart'/'Tub')GA, Dog Sledger
+ Deceased


Barney I, Bodach, Booboo, Bostik, Debbie I, Eigg, Fay, Gnat, Kate, Kelly I, Larsen, Macnab, Muck II, Nanuk, Nuga, Oscar, Pam II, Pop, Raq, Rastus II, Rhum, Rolf, Royal, Skye, Slod, Stroma, Tina, Vere, Wendy III, Wilfred, Zork.


Base photo:
Halley Bay base photo, 1963 title=
M J Winterton - B Kraehenbuehl - D Hollas - J C Griffiths - G T Bowra - M E B Walford
M Sumner - D R Jehan - D L Petrie - M M Samuel - Kista - D Egerton - D Finlayson
N S Mann - A J Champness - J P Holt - C J S Jefferies - N Brind - J V B Westwood
R J Worsfold - H M O'Gorman - P I Whiteman - G D Mallinson - I L Buckler - W A Etchells
Picture supplied by Tony Jackson


Eliason title=
Photo by Gordon Bowra
Gordon says: "Re the message in the Z-Fids Newsletter No. 32: Eliason Motor Toboggan aka Elsan: this is my photo of Dad Etchells driving it in 1963 at Halley Bay. I do not know what happened to it." [04 July 2013]

Halley Motto & Crest

Oral History Recordings

Other information, anecdotes etc.

David Petrie writes:
Flew in a couple of times from McMurdo when flying the SPRI radioecho sounding gear in the Herc, summer 69/70. Not surprised to see how our old living hut had collapsed. [December 2001]

Doug Finlayson writes:

My enduring memory of Gordon [Bowra] was his sceaming when we were in the process of euthenising the cat "Strom" (from South Georgia). In its final death throws it latched very hard onto Gordon's finger with its teeth and would not let go after Gordon had administered a lethal dose of morphine. I think Gordon probably still bears the scars. The cat had eaten a lot of indigestible wood shavings and had to be put down. [25 May 2005] More on cats.

Andrew Champness:

How long does a party last? A few hours, a day or two may be! Not in June 1963. I celebrated my 21st birthday on the 28th June, 1963; it was also Midwinter the week before, so you guessed - it the party lasted well over a week.
I had collected all my beer ration for months. John Holt made me a large birthday cake in the shape of a book, with an open page which everybody signed and which I still have to-day. [23 August 2006]

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