Halley Bay - 1964


Notable events/features of the year


+JehanD.R.(Dudley 'Cuddles')Base Leader
BakerA.(Tony "pink peril")Carpenter
+BowraG.T.(Gordon 'Doc')Doctor
+BucklerI.L.(Ian 'Buckle')Meteorologist
DickenL.W.(Lawrence 'Lol')Ionosphericist
EtchellsW.A.(Alan 'Dad')Tractor mechanic
FewsterR.A.(Dick 'DickF')Radar Technician
JuckesL.M.(Lewis 'Lew')Geologist
+KraehenbuehlB.J(Barry 'Barrel')DEM
MallinsonG.D.(Gordon)Radio Operator
MillerC.J.R.(Chris 'Mushroom')Meteorologist
PetrieD.L.(David 'DavemacP')Ionosphericist
RussellS.G.(Simon 'Russ')Radio Operator
+SamuelM.M.(Milne 'Sam')Surveyor
ShipstoneD.M.(David 'Shippo')Geophysicist
+SievwrightW.M.(Munro 'Aggie')Geophysicist
+ThomsonG.A.(Jock)GA, Tractors
WestwoodJ.V.B.(James 'Jim')Geophysicist
+WrightJ.C.(Jerry 'Jem')Ionosphericist
+ Deceased


Barajo, Barney I, Barra, Bitter, Bodach, Booboo, Eigg, Emma, Fay, Gnat, Jukal, Mild, Muck II, Nanuk, Nuga, Oscar, Pam II, Pop, Raq, Rastus II, Rhum, Rolf, Royal, Satan III, Skye, Slod, Snowy II, Staffa, Stroma, Suaq, Tina, Vere, Wendy III, Whisky II, Wilfred.


Base photo:
Halley Bay base photo, 1964
Back Row: 'Jock' Thomson - Al Etchells - Lewis Juckes - Barry Kraehenbuehl - Dai Wild - Dick Worsfold - Phil Cotton - 'Sam' Samuel - Jerry Wright - 'Cuddles' Jehan - Laurie Dicken - Ian Buckler - Mike Turner - Dick Fewster - Dave Hollas - David George - Brian Smith - James Westwood
Middle Row: Gordon Mallinson - 'Russ' Russell - Dave Petrie - Bill Bellchambers - Tony Baker - 'Doc' Bowra
Front Row: Phil Goodwin - Harry Rogers - 'Shippo' Shipstone - Andy Champness - Munro Sievwright
Picture supplied by Lewis Juckes

Oral History Recordings

Other information, anecdotes etc.

Working at low temperatures - Tony Baker (audio clip 1:05). This was recorded as part of the British Antarctic Oral History Project.
Date of interview: 11 Jun 2010; Interviewer: Chris Eldon Lee; Funded by UK Antarctic Heritage Trust; Copyright: NERC-BAS.
The full interview may be accessed on the BAS Club website. The original interview and transcript are held in the BAS Archives, reference number AD6/24/1/74.

Tony Baker:

Spent 205 days in the field at the Tottans. [26 June 2004]

Gordon 'Doc' Bowra:

Six months dog journey to the Tottans. One months tractor journey to lay ionospheric base two hundred miles south. [1 December 2004]

Ian Buckler:

The "Gin Bottle" - I always assumed it went out to sea at about the same time as Halley 1, and "The Rumples" was another geographical phenomena. In maybe the same area. [23 March 2010]
[While the original
gin bottle is no doubt long since gone, the consensus (see Phil Anderson's article on placenames) seems to be that "Gin Bottle" is used as an alternative name for the MacDonald Ice Rumples. -- Ed.]


Summer 1963-64

SmithR.B.(Robert)American Exchange Scientist

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