Halley Bay - 1982


Notable events/features of the year

  • Average horizontal movement of the base since 1972: 750m per year


NieuwenhuijsG.K.(Gijs 'Hash')BC
+BrookesA.J.(Andy)GA, Tractors
HalliwellR.J.(Roland 'Roxy')Ionosphericist
JenkinsP.J.(Pete 'Mekon')Geophysicist
JonesI.R.(Ian 'CS')Met, Physicist
LiddleM.(Malcolm 'Slasher')Builder
ThompsonB.R.(Brian)Met, Physicist
+UzzamanD.(David 'Flan')Electrician
WilliamsS.D.(Stephen 'Wombat')Communications manager
WrightK.H.(Keith 'Tizer')Ionosphericist
+ Deceased


Base photo:
Halley Bay base photo, 1982
Clockwise from Top: D Try - R Halliwell - R Parker - S Eadie - I Jones - M Smith - B Bowler - M Liddle - B Thomson - D Carrivick - R Bramwell - S Williams - P Jenkins - G Nieuwenhuijs - D Uzzaman - J Rouse - K Wright - A Hill
Picture supplied by Tony Jackson

Base photo (another version):

Halley Bay base photo, 1981
Top left (skiers): Pete Jenkins, Brian Thompson, Dave Carrivick
Standing behind boat: Mike Smith, Steve Eadie, Keith Wright, Roland Halliwell
In boat: Ian Jones, Bob Bowler, Andy Hill, Richard Parker, Steve Williams, Rusty Bramwell, Mal Liddle.
In front: Dave Try, Hash Nieuwenhuijs
Picture by Julian Rouse
About the boat, Julian says: "The boat was BAS supplied and for ice rescue; there was even an outboard engine for it somewhere. We were not convinced of its possible effectiveness as a rescue vehicle."

More pictures by Julian Rouse

This photo of the AIS antenna was chosen by John Dudeney for his autobiography:

Picture by Ian Jones

Andy Brookes riding a Bomabardier skidoo in the Hinge Zone. November 1982:

Picture by Ian Jones
Ian says: "Andy led our field party of 4 on this field trip. We made it through two of the chasms of the Hinge Zone before turning back to base."

More pictures by Ian Jones


Not all beer and icicles: YouTube by Ian Jones:

Other information, anecdotes etc.

The Signpost refurbished Pete Jenkins

Antarctic Memories by Julian Rouse


Summer 1981-82

LawrenceS.J.(Stuart)Captain, Bransfield
+LimbertD.W.S.(David)HQ Chief Met
+ Deceased

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