Halley Bay - 1981


Notable events/features of the year

  • The "AIS" (Advanced Ionospheric Sounder) was installed, with its own generator, January 1981.
  • Last dogs leave Halley


GibbsP.J.(Peter)BC, Meteorologist
+BrookesA.J.(Andy)Diesel mechanic
+HoldichS.W.(Steve)GA, Tractors
JamesB.(Brian)Met, Physicist
KnappJ.C.(John)VLF Scientist
PinnockM.(Mike 'Tiger')Ionosphericist
+UzzamanD.(David 'Flan')Electrician
WilliamsS.D.(Stephen 'Wombat')Communications manager
WrightK.H.(Keith 'Tizer')Ionosphericist
+ Deceased


Base photo:
Halley Bay base photo, 1981
Top row: (L to R)  John Tooze, Brian James, John Knapp, Dave Try, Keith Wright, Trefor Edwards, Dave Uzzaman, Steve Williams, Steve Holditch, Gordon Mcruvie
Top but kneeling or sitting:   Mike Pinnock, Julian Rouse
Below:         Pete Hall, Pete Gibbs
Picture supplied by Julian Rouse

More pictures by Julian Rouse

Oral History Recording

Other information, anecdotes etc.

Julian Rouse says:
I was present on Base when the BC Peter "Gridley" Gibbs burnt down the balloon shed (allegedly or in Scotland not proven!); also present for the building of the wooden smartie tube base! [9 December 2001]

Also from Julian Rouse:

Can't remember who was last in Halley 2 but we shut it down in '81 and if I remember bulldozed the entrance just in case, I suspect it would have been the BC Pete Gibbs or one possibly Trefor Edwards (chippie) who was last in. If Halley 2 has gone, this means that Halley 3 has gone as they were very very close together. Well we always thought it was going to happen when we were there! [27 May 2005]
We left [the Lansing Snowplane] in Halley two when it was sealed off in '81, how did they find it again in 85? As I seem to remember we bulldozed the entrances! [19 July 2005]
This is confirmed by Pete Gibbs who says he saw it in Halley-2 garage in 1981/82. [02 August 2005]

Antarctic Memories by Julian Rouse


Summer 1980-81

LawrenceS.J.(Stuart)Captain, Bransfield

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