"FIDS' Bodge": projector repair

by Bob Wells

Noting the request for FID's bodges I think the 69 Halley projector repair with a washing-machine motor must be a prime candidate.

Watching films run backwards was a popular amusement at the time. ('Holidays', which featured high board diving and bannana eating, was always in demand.)

Unfortunately, nobody realised that when films were run backwards the fan did not provide adequate cooling for the motor and, in early winter, we ended up with a burnt-out projector.

I THINK 'Abdul' Smith was the chief bodger and I remember a sledge-wheel being used to get the gearing right - but my memory is notoriously unreliable. However, I am absolutely certain that the bodge was a great success and we continued to watch the movies - including the favourite Jane Fonda in Cat Balou - many many times.

16 June 2006

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