Halley Bay - 2018+


Halley station is now only occupied during the summer (last winter occupation 2016), and while that situation continues, there will be no more pages dedicated to a single year at the base.

News and events


Map of the Brunt Ice Shelf ; 26 Feb 2021

Brunt Ice Shelf Oct 2018
From the BAS website

2022 New Year ; Picture by Michael Drewitt

Halley VI Site Map ; 11 Nov 2020. (Click on the image for a full resolution version)

Halley VI Site Map
Supplied by Thomas Barningham

The memorial at Halley VIa, January 2020. Photos by Thomas Barningham.

Capstone C30 Micro-turbine

Capstone C30 Micro-turbine
From the BAS website

Satellite image of the Brunt Ice Shelf on 2 August 2018 which has been contributed by Vince Carter who has obtained it from the Polar view website. Vince says "The image dates from August 2nd and even this very low resolution image clearly shows both cracks in the ice shelf as well as many other interesting features - ice flow lines within the shelf, very young sea ice adjacent to the shelf, and even wind driven snow drifts on that new ice. The really high resolution images (50MB+) show an amazing level of detail, particularly when you expand and focus in on a small section of the overall image". Click on the picture for a larger image.

Brunt image

13 Mar 2022
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