Brunt Ice Shelf

This page contains past information on the Brunt Ice Shelf which is no longer relevant after the calving event of 22 Jan 2023, and so is not relevant to show on the main 2018+ index page.

Map of the Brunt Ice Shelf ; 26 Feb 2021

Brunt Ice Shelf Oct 2018
From the BAS website

Satellite image This satellite image of the Brunt ice shelf on 19 May 2022 has been contributed by Vince Carter who has obtained it from the Polar View website. Vince says "This is the reduced resoltion version. The full resolution version is over 50MB and is available here: The full resolution image is the clearest I've seen in showing just how small the connection now is to the rest of the ice shelf."
In his report of March 2022, included in ZFids Newsletter No. 51, David Hunt (Halley Ops Manager & Station Leader) said "The West Brunt is again amazingly still there. As I reported in the last brief the remaining distance of intact ice between the tip of Chasm 1 and cracks propagating from The Rumples is still approximately 2.0 km and this hasn't really changed significantly over this season. There is also little change in the propagation of Halloween Crack. As I write this we are experiencing increased activity around Chasm 1 and the intact ice is now down to 400m. We think that the calving is now imminent (I've heard that somewhere before !!)"
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Brunt image

30 Jan 2023
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