Halley Bay - 1965


Notable events/features of the year


CottonJ.P.D.(Phil)BL, Surveyor
+AmphlettA.(Alf 'Fred')Electrician
BakerA.(Tony "pink peril")Carpenter
BeebeG.D.(Doug)GA, Tractors
DickenL.W.(Lawrence 'Lol')Ionosphericist
FewsterR.A.(Dick 'DickF')Radar Technician
+HaynesP.J.A.(Tony)Cook/ GA
JuckesL.M.(Lewis 'Lew')Geologist
MillerC.J.R.(Chris 'Mushroom')Meteorologist
NobleS.W.(Stu 'Snowball')Ionosphericist
PorterB.(Brian 'Shreddy')DEM
Rhys JonesR.D.(Rod)Surveyor
RussellS.G.(Simon 'Russ')Radio Operator
ShipstoneD.M.(David 'Shippo')Geophysicist
+SievwrightW.M.(Munro 'Aggie')Geophysicist
+StraffordH.(Hugh 'Dick')Radar Technician
+WeeksA.B.(Alan 'P&O')Radio Operator
+WilsonJ.K.('Doc' John) MO, Physiologist
+ Deceased


Barajo, Barra, Bitter, Bodach, Booboo, Eigg, Emma, Fay, Mild, Muck II, Nanuk, Nuga, Oscar, Pop, Raq, Rastus II, Rhum, Rolf, Royal, Satan III, Skye, Slod, Snowy II, Staffa, Stroma, Suaq, Tina, Whisky II, Wilfred.


Base photo:
Halley Bay base photo, 1965
H Rogers - J Wilson - L Dicken - T Haynes - S Noble - D Fewster - C Miller
R Russell - R Rhys Jones - P Goodwin - P Cotton - A Weeks - J Wright - A Amphlett
M Sievwright - G Lovegrove - B Barnes - B Bellchambers - R Reid - B Porter - S Shipstone
B Izatt - D Wild - B Armstrong - J Bailey - J Duff- D Stokes
L Juckes - D Beebe - I Ross - T Baker - D Strafford
Picture supplied by Tony Jackson

Halley I - diagram

Halley I - diagram
Halley Bay, diagram showing positions of IGY building, BAS main living building, dormitory building and office block on surface. Office block on surface built 1964, main living hut built 1961 and old hut built 1956.
Drawing by Jerry Wright
From the BAS image library ref: 10004215; used with permission. No unauthorised copying.

Oral History Recordings

Other information, anecdotes etc.

Halley-I Bars (Lewis Juckes)

Sledging call-signs (Geoff Lovegrove)

Reunions, Lewis Juckes

Tony Haynes, on Ian Ross and the season following the tragic crevasse accident:

Dai Wild, Jerry Bailey and Doc Wilson lost their lives in a crevasse accident on 12th October 1965. The fourth member of the party, travelling from Pyramid Rock in the Tottans on a depot laying run towards the Vestfjellas, was Ian Ross. The BAS Club Newsletter for Dec 2001 carried an obituary for Ian who died 1st Dec 1998, back in his birth place in Scotland. Other members of that field party were Geoff Lovegrove, Rod Rhys-Jones, Doug Beebe, Brian Porter, Lew Juckes, and myself.  As a result of this tragedy the summer field programme was severely curtailed and as Geoff Lovegrove (surveyor) and myself (GA) were the only two available to stay out all summer, permission was given for Geoff and I to stay out and continue the survey. I am amazed, looking back, that two men with one dog team were allowed to stay out, unsupported, for the whole of the summer.  I don't believe that that would be allowed today.

Alan Weeks remembers his time South:

Took part in a mid-winter journey of 28 miles with Brian Barnes - living in a caboose for a week to photograph aurora (without any success - claggy). Worked with Jeremy Bailey on his ice-depth radar. Jeremy, with Dr John Wilson and Dai Wild (Surveyor) were lost down a crevasse (Oct 12 1965) - Ian Ross (geologist) the sole survivor of that group. Back to Stanley on Kista and on to Deception and Adelaide on Shackleton before sailing back to Southampton. [31 Aug 2004]
In 1965 I took on the responsibility to repair and maintain the snow toboggans so, as a former employee of P & O Steam Navigation Company, I made a P & O house flag which then flew from a fibreglass fishing rod affixed to one of the Eliasons. However it only flew around Halley Bay.
More relevantly it was the practice for the field parties to fly the Union flag on the Muskegs. [20 July 2005]


Summer 1964-65

BojesenS.(Svend)AB, Kista Dan

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