Halley 50 Year Celebration - 2006

Saturday 14th - Sunday 15th October 2006
Park Inn, Northampton


A unique event to mark 50 years of Halley, Antarctica.

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The Organising Committee would like to thank the following:

  • Those who provided financial or material support before the event:
    • The BAS Club (help in tracing Halley Bay fids)
    • BAS Club Benevolent Fund (support for needy delegates)
    • Bovis Lend Lease (financial donation)
    • British Antarctic Survey (loan of display boards, DVDs and much else)
    • Bury Transport, Falkland Islands (financial donation)
    • Corroconsult (financial donation)
    • George Hemmen (encouragement and information)
    • Keilyn Glass, Falkland Islands (engraved glassware)
    • Joe MacDowall (donation of books)
    • Mike Rose (technical help)
    • The Royal Society (IGYE exhibits and film)
    • Allan Wearden (birthday cake)
    • Rodney Whitwell (photography)
    • Stephen Williams (commemorative DVD)
    • Louise Wincott (menus, name badges, tickets)

  • Our speakers:
    • Prof. Chris Rapley
    • George Hemmen

  • At the dinner:
    • David Fletcher (MC)
    • Capt. Stuart Lawrence (after dinner speaker)
    • Steve Marshall (video chat with Halley)
    • Liz Pinnock (grace)
    • Tony Haynes (toast)
    • George Hemmen (toast)

  • Our Cake Cutters:
    • David Dalgliesh
    • Simon Coggins

  • Those who brought exhibits and flags

  • Those who manned the registration desk at Northampton:
    • Pauline Aslin
    • Steve Ault
    • Toby Clark
    • Liz Pinnock
    • Mick Roscoe
    • Rosy Smith

  • Those who assisted in the Exhibition and Sales Rooms:
    • Phil Anderson
    • Helen Campbell
    • Graham Chambers
    • Dave Clements
    • Lucy Clements
    • Paul Coslett
    • Alan Etchells
    • Cat Gillies
    • David Habgood
    • Pete Jenkins
    • Lewis Juckes
    • Tom Lachlan-Cope
    • Caroline Lewis
    • Geoff Lovegrove
    • Graham Mawdsley
    • Stuart McMillan
    • Peter Noble
    • David Peel
    • Petra Schmidt
    • John Skilling
    • Steve Smith
    • Keith Yearby

  • Everyone who help set up and take down display boards, etc.

  • The guys and gals at Halley, who joined us (virtually) on the day, produced and sent their video, and did the technical stuff on base

  • The hotel staff, who could not have been more helpful
    • The conference team: Janette Risk, Paul Tyrrell, James Berry
    • The chef, for the great food
    • The serving staff, for their efficient service to 383 diners seated at 35 closely spaced tables
    • The maintenance team: Gary, for putting up and taking down the flags and banners

  • Anyone else omitted from the above, who helped make Z-50 a great success

The committee has received many messages of appreciation and congratulation, and we thank you all for those.

23 October 2006
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