by Roger Tiffin

Suaq (Sunday name Balasuaq) was in his tenth season at the end of 1969, and had had an illustrious career at Halley Bay. He had sired many pups and his sledge log showed he had travelled in excess of 16,000 miles. When I changed bases and moved to Argentine Islands in Jan 1970, Suaq and a young pup* (can't remember the name) came with me, ostensibly for breeding purposes (but I think Harry Wiggans had wangled the transfer as he could not bear the thought of Suaq being put down at some stage). Myself and the dogs travelled out of Halley on the Perla Dan and from the Falklands to the Peninsula on HMS Endurance. There were 14 dogs at Argentine Islands, and in 1970 Suaq completed several day runs with a team called the Gypsies over to the mainland, and a couple of week-long trips, one of which was with myself and Allan Wearden down to Cape Perez (ostensibly to restock a depot) and on to King Island in Beascochea Bay.
[16 December 2010]
* Keith Holmes advises that the pup was Nancy. [6 January 2011]
Photo by Roger Tiffin
Suaq with Elsa.

07 January 2011

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