Grillage Village (Halley Bay 2) Reunion

27th June 2018

Report by Dave "Gonk" Hoy

A reunion of some of the finest of "Sloman's Selection" who wintered at Halley 2 during its 7 years of service was held on 27th of June 2018. It was generously hosted by Heather and Rog (Tiff) Tiffin at their home in Scalby near Scarborough.

An amazing turnout of 41 Fids with 19 wives or partners, in addition we were privileged to have Kath Smith, big Al's widow join us. Attendees are listed on the attached table. Many of the Fids were not the usual suspects at reunions which made the event even more special for many of us.

As a warm up on the afternoon before the shindig, several Fids turned up to help with the preparations. Putting up tents/lighting/tables etc. Rog and Heather (gluttons for punishment) held a village fund raising event in the evening, complete with barbeque.

Teams of two were formed and several sports were indulged in. From pine cone chipping with a golf club into boxes, plastic rocket launching via stamping on a bladder forcing air through a tube to launch, nearest to a pole (not as easy as it sounds), darts and pool all to be completed in an hour. All great fun.

The reunion started at 2:00 in the afternoon although folk had been drifting in throughout the morning. Doc Brotherhood had arrived from Australia only to find himself locked out from his lodgings - luckily other Fids had keys and the problem was averted.

As people drifted in there were many "What happened to you Cassidy" moments, as many of us had not seen each other in nearly fifty years or in some cases longer. There was a running barbeque throughout, and the day was idyllic, in a lovely setting, with virtually no agenda except a slide show by Doc Brotherhood of the construction of Halley II which prompted much banter.

The main joy of the whole proceedings was the informal setting and plenty of time to talk, eat and drink together in a relaxed atmosphere. Of special note was the announcement to much cheering that Dad Etchells had reached the wonderful age of 90.

All too soon it was midnight and like Cinderella the ball was over.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the organisers Bob Wells, Bloke Guyatt and Ceeje Gostick. and a special thanks to our hosts Rog and Heather for their generosity and forbearance. Surplus funds from the event were donated to the Scalby Fair who loaned us the tents and equipment.

The whole event was a great success. We hope we can get together another year. If anyone has ideas as to location, frequency, composition or would like to offer a venue we (via would be pleased to hear from you


John 'Doc'Brotherhood1967
Ian 'Eeee'Bury19711972
Jim 'Judith'ChalmersAnne19681969
Keith  'Graunch'Chappell19691970
Peter 'Rocky'Clarkson19681969
Allen 'Flowerpot'Clayton19691970
Alan 'Dad'Etchells19671968
Dave 'Def'FrenchThelma19681969
John 'Frizz'Fry1968
John 'Golly'Gallsworthy19671968
Chris 'Ceeje'GostickLinda19671969
Malcolm 'Bloke'GuyattWendy19691970
Dave 'Fanny'HillMargaret1967
Dave 'Gonk'Hoy19691970
Jim 'JimJam'Jamieson19671968
Hwfa  'Hoof 'Jones19701971
Geoff  McWilliam1967
Peter 'Neon'Noble19671968
Martin 'Snoopy'Pinder1970
Murray 'Doc'Roberts1968
Ian  'Fin'Smith19691970
Graham 'Grot'SoarAnne19691970
Chris 'Sideways'SykesPartrner1968
Roger  'Tiff'TiffinHeather1969
Mike  'Muff'Warden19701971
Denis 'Crippen'WilkinsSue1969
Graham  'Genghis'Wright19691970

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