UK Web Archive

For many years, the Zfids website was archived by the British Library for the UK Web Archive. At first this was done when the site was at its previous location (2001-2004) at the address:*/
then when the site was at its current location (2004-present) at the address:*/

Unfortunately, in October 2023 the British Library suffered a "ransomware" cyber-attack which destroyed access to the archive. In March 2024 the Open Access Department of the British Library provicded he following statement:

Unfortunately the situation around access to the web archive has not improved since you contacted us in November last year.
We’re continuing to experience disruption following a cyber-attack, and are working hard to restore services. We’ve now shared a list of the improvements and restoration of service that users can expect over the next few months.
We expect that it will take longer to restore access to the UK Web Archive because of the scale and complexity of this collection, and we will provide further details on our plans for this as soon as we can.

8 Mar 2024
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