Halley 60 Year Celebration - 2016

Friday 7th - Sunday 9th October 2016
Park Inn, Northampton

Z-60: Halley Bay, Antarctica: Diamond Jubilee bash!
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Around 240 people came to the Halley 60th reunion in Northampton from 7th to 9th October. A lot of people arrived on the Friday evening and so the bar was buzzing with people meeting each other again, some hadnít seen each other since Z50!

The event kick started proper in the morning with an opening welcome from Gordon Devine. This was followed by talks from John Eager talking about the impending move of Halley 6, Prof Martin Siegert talking about sub glacial lakes, BAS aerogeophysicist Tom Jordan who talked about exploring under the continental ice and Prof David Vaughan on BAS science who gave a great overview of BAS Science.

Also on over the weekend we watched documentaries, including the Horizon film made with Peter Gibbs who was also our after dinner speaker, and an informal film about the Halley move. Al made a terrific cake and we had DIY exhibits and slides.

Just before dinner we had photographs which are available to download from Pixelero.

Alex Gaffikin

15 Nov 2016
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