Halley 60 Year Celebration - 2016

Friday 7th - Sunday 9th October 2016
Park Inn, Northampton

Z-60: Halley Bay, Antarctica: Diamond Jubilee bash!
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Colin Dean (aka Boo Boo), August 2016:

I enjoy getting your newsletters and it has been exciting to see the latest Halley Bay incarnation in all its high-tech glory! A far cry from when I landed from the original John Biscoe to work in the first Halley Bay hut, and then the next year help build Halley Bay 2, More than fifty years ago, I rather think I was there over the winters of 1960 and 1961. So that makes me a very old FID. Unfortunately health problems have finally made it impossible to travel to England any more, and I see from the list of attendees that there are very few indeed from my time of service. It would make me very happy to be able to send good wishes and greetings to the guys who have worked at Halley over the last 60 years and established its reputation. Looking at today's station, it is another world that we could not even dream of in those long ago days. I have been fortunate in that my wife and I were able to visit Antarctica in a much more comfortable fashion on the World Discoverer some years ago. I was delighted when we landed at what used to be Faraday, now run by Ukraine I think, and was reunited with the original Dobson spectrometer that I used all those years ago. The Ukrainian scientist who was now in charge of it nearly fainted when I told him I had been shown how to use it by Prof Dobson himself! We missed the ferry back to the ship and had to be specially fetched by the Captain. He heard the story, so there was another party!! Happy days. We managed to attend the 50th anniversary, an event we shall always remember as it was fantastic to meet up with the friends and colleagues from so long ago. We wish you well for the Reunion, and hope the event is a great success.

John Eager:

It was great to meet so many fantastic people there.

Moira Jenkins:

Thank you again for a wonderful weekend getting back in touch with the Antarctic and remembering all that it meant to Brian. I wish he could have been there. Maybe I will have the chance to go one day.

David and Margaret Habgood:

I am just writing to thank you and the rest of the committee for the work you all did to make the Z60 reunion such a success. Margaret and I really enjoyed ourselves. It was wonderful meeting up with so many Fids and the programme of talks and films you had arranged were all very interesting.

15 Nov 2016
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