Halley Bay - 2021


Notable events/features of the year

  • New crack in the ice shelf ('North Rift') appears NE of the Rumples.
  • North Brunt (1270 kmē) calves north of the crack 26 February 2021


No wintering party in 2021


Map of the Brunt Ice Shelf ; 26 Feb 2021

Brunt Ice Shelf Oct 2018
From the BAS website

View of the station drifted up ; 17 Nov 2021

Z6a Nov 2021
Photo by JD
JD says"I landed at Halley on the 17th. She's low in a wind scoop after not being raised for two years, but amazingly the skis are still visible."

Other information, anecdotes etc.


Summer 2020-21

Antarctic base opens briefly as berg watch continues BBC News story, 7 Jan 2021
Field season gets under way. (BAS News Story; 8 Jan 2021)

Pictures of raising the Signpost taken at Halley VI by Sebastian Gleich in January 2021.

(c) Sebastian Gleich

(c) Sebastian Gleich

26 Feb 2024
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