16mm films, the Naked Skidooer and Bonfire Night

by Charlie Robb

16mm films: We also watched them regularly in 1992, and I am glad now that I spent a nightwatch recording some of them. On one tape I have Crossing of Antarctica, Works Entry, Surf Boats of Accra, Cattle Carters, Isle of Man TT 1950, Story of Penicillin and some random newsreels, all in quite good quality. I also have a fairly iffy tape (a copy of a copy) which includes Bars of Silver, Last Tram and Holiday. If Pat or anybody would like copies of anything I will happily put DVDs in the post. *

Naked Skidooer: I was startled to see Tim's arse for the first time in nearly fifteen years, and myself incriminated in the act! "Obviously" these photos weren't taken for personal use but were set up (despite whispers of "he wintered at Halley you know") while waiting days for an uplift from the Bluff, and sent back to lucky recipients in the UK, presumably causing much distress. Of course in the banana belt clothes aren't really required anyway, just lots of sunblock. Note how the passage of time is gradually eating the Polaroid; for some vague work reason I had laid my hands on a polaroid camera and film stock at HQ and it was great for fooling around with as digital cameras are now.

Shaun's description of the 1992 Bonfire: That really was a night to remember. I videoed the legendary event and am still thrilled at the height a 45 gallon drum can reach. On the subject of videos, presumably every winterer now has a video camera in their arsenal and many hours are recorded. We had one large and tired base camera and a couple of personal ones, so it took a bit of dedication to film things. However, I collected a few hours of footage which I am fond of. There are several tours of the base in various states of work and play, endless penguins, and the really good stuff includes reckless piloting of all kinds of vehicles and skis and some amazing parties including the classic Stag Do we had for Stuart's brother (who couldn't make it) on the ICB complete with strippers. No movie would be complete without a good fight scene, and there are one or two in there. Needless to say this is all hilarious to watch if you were there and probably quite distasteful if you weren't. Makes you glad you were there though.

[3 May 2006]

* There seems to be a great fondness for the 16mm films and a few people have taken me up on my offer (see above) of copies of what I have. If people would like to see Cattle Carters etc again all they have to do is ask?! I will send them 7 hours of films and newsreels on DVD. Perhaps an optional 5 donation to the dog memorial would be a good idea.
[15 Oct 2006]

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