Dictionary of Antarctic Terminology

Banana Belt:The more northerly British Antarctic Territories.
B.A.S.T.A.R.D.:Beamed Auroral Stellar Terristrial Automatic Radar Device.
B.L.:Chief of chiefs.
Chief:What we've got too many of.
Chippy:See Gonking.
Coal:Unheard of.
Cock-up:A slight modification to a specification.
Doc:The ace strip poker player.
Epic-maker:Chap with a camera and usually a beard (zoom lens optional).
Fester:Laze about in an idle fashion.
Gash:Items under this heading are disposed of.
Glob:Latex rubber met balloon.
Gonking:Lying down with eyes closed feigning sleep.
Goodies:Anything from beer to Y-fronts.
Graunch:The result of hamfistedness.
Monk:Temporary mental imbalance.
Pooped:Absolutely physically unfit.
Radar:Greenhouse on tripod.
Scradge:Grub, fodder, eats, munch, etc.
Sonde:See Cock-up.
Spon:Positively invigorating to the heart and soul.


Extract from the 1962 Halley Comet. From the BAS Archives. Document reference: AD7/Z/3/1962/1

22 May 2004

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